• For builders, renovators and hobbyists. 

    RK Solution Wipes

  • What are they?

    They're usable virtually on all materials and surfaces in all situations.

    They're versatile, extremely effective and skin friendly.

    They'll remove: dirt, oils, grease, paint, rust and odours.

    Available in two sizes and for two purposes.

    Compare the two products below. 

    Everyday Duty

    An extremely powerful special wipe for virtually every cleaning job

    Extreme Duty 2 in 1

    Unbelievably fast and powerful double sided special wipe for virtually all cleaning jobs!


    • Effective and effortless
    • Cleans paint (oil & water based), silicones & acrylic sealants (wet), adhesives, uncured PU foams, oils, dirt and greases etc. 
    • Exceptionally powerful cleaning formula 
    • Suitable for hands, tools and almost all materials and surfaces in virtually all situations
    • Anti-bacterial action kills >99,9 % of bacteria fast 
    • Includes skin-caring elements.


    In addition to the features of Everyday Duty: 

    • Ingenious 2in1 solution
    • Smooth and rough side on the same wipe
    • Rough side removes stubborn dirt more easily while the smooth surface allows easy cleaning for fresh stains
    • Cleans wet and even partially cured paints (oil & water based), silicones & acrylic sealants, adhesives, PU foams, oils, dirt and greases etc. 
  • Wipes specs

    All four products explained.

    Everyday Duty Small


    50 wipes per tub

    Wipe size: 16 x 21 cm

    Extreme Duty Small


    40 wipes per tub

    Wipe size: 19,5 x 22 cm

    Everyday Duty Large


    100 wipes per tub

    Wipe size: 20 x 30 cm

  • Usage situations

    Wipes are easy and fast to use, where ever you are. 

    For renovators

    Keep a tub in your garage for your

    tools & hands.

    For people on the move

    Keep a tub in your car for

    tools & hands

    For hobbyists

    Keep a small tub in your bag for

    sports equipment

    For builders

    Keep a tub near you for

    tools, hands & spills


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    Finland: Rakennuskemia Oy

    France: LQS Distribution

    Sweden: Ceteco

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